Look Dev Test

The Crystal in the Sea

A magical crystal embodies life and possesses mysterious qualities,
sparking the journey of a curious sea slug.

VSFX 408 & VSFX 448

Studio I & II Group Project


Brad Baker

Roku Lin

Mitch Atwater

Jacey Robinson

Camille Butler


Our short film will showcase our specialty skills in cinematography, compositing, procedural environment, dynamic animation, crowd simulation, look development, materials, lighting, matte painting, modeling, shading/texturing, art direction, while working cohesively as a team.


Hero FX goals include: multi-layered compositing involving CG, matte painting and live action assets, complex matte painting projections with ZBrush workflow, fish crowd simulations, procedurally generated vegetation, and XGen feathers and hair.


By working together as a team, we take advantage of each person’s specialized skill set to create a visually stunning short in a 10-week period of time. As a team of co-directors, each person is involved in every step of the process beyond their individual skills.

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